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The Similarities and Differences Between Defense and Prosecution Attorneys

by Legal Author December 20, 2012 Criminal Law

(Guest post from a US author regarding the comparison between defense and prosecution attorneys) While some of the differences between defense and prosecution attorneys can be minimal, there are some major exceptions. These exceptions are more prominent in the salary and caseload categories. There are also some similarities between the defense and prosecution attorneys as […]

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When Your Minor is Charged with DUI

by efalk October 2, 2012 Criminal Law

When your minor is charged with DUI, he or she is facing a very serious offense. Even a first time conviction can result in a hefty fine, the loss of driving privileges and jail time. This is why it would be in your best interest to consult immediately with a criminal defense attorney. The punishment […]

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Felony Charges: Surviving False Allegations

by ShelbyW September 20, 2012 Assault

The criminal justice system in America views all crimes differently, but public opinion often views certain crimes in an even worse light than the legal system does. Although crimes like armed robbery, murder and money laundering often bring harsher penalties than crimes such as abuse and rape, the public often is far more sickened by […]

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Best Defenses for a DUI Charge

by Cantor September 20, 2012 Criminal Law

(US Criminal Law) People who get stopped for suspicion of drunk driving are subjected to a battery of tests. If an arrest ensues and DUI charges filed, even though the charges are serious, there are several defenses that can be pursued. 1) Challenge the administration of the breath alcohol test.  • The test must be […]

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Your Future After DWI

by DWIAttorneysHouston September 6, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

How Multiple DWI Charges Can Affect You (US criminal law and generally) Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a very serious charge in the state of Texas. Consequences for DWI convictions vary based on the damage caused, the level of intoxication, and even previous offenses that a person may have. If a person has multiple DWI […]

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