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Federal Drug Trafficking Charges Just The Beginning

by Legal Author March 28, 2013 Law

Federal drug enforcement actions produce a high number of convictions and incarcerations in federal courts, but drug charges are often just the tip of the iceberg for defendants. Large-scale drug trafficking operations often include the importation or manufacture, transportation and distribution of controlled substances. Often, distribution routes involve many jurisdictions and may cross both state […]

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How the Media Has Affected the Zimmerman-Martin Case

by Legal Author March 21, 2013 Criminal Law

About the Author: Vincent Imhoff is a writer and Los Angeles criminal lawyer who acts as a managing partner at Imhoff & Associates, P.C. He earned his law degree at Chicago-Kent College and his undergraduate degree at Lewis University. When he isn’t writing or practicing, Vincent finds time to ski on his favorite slopes and […]

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