Data security

How secure is legal cloud management software?

by Online Legal Software November 21, 2013 Cloud Computing for Lawyers

(US law/generally) Lawyers have an obligation to their clients to maintain their clients’ confidential information.  Lawyers in the United States also have an express obligation to act competently in regard to the technology available to maintain their client’s confidential information.  Given the evolution of technology available in the legal software environment, which has evolved from […]

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How Secure is Your Data?

by Lucy Reflect May 2, 2013 IP & Technology

Recent high-profile data breaches have led many businesses to question how secure their company data really is. Over the past 12 months or so we have seen huge companies, such as LinkedIn, accidentally leak sensitive information. Many companies have found themselves facing huge fines because their data was misplaced. Are businesses doing enough to ensure […]

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