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CCJ’s Explained – How to Avoid Years of Inconvenience

by pennyspennies August 9, 2013 Debt Recovery
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Imagine you have been trying to obtain credit and failing because you did not respond adequately to a letter you received six years ago. Imagine all those years of frustration as your applications for phone contracts, credit cards and loans have been turned down, watching your dreams of owning a property come to nothing. This […]

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Understanding Debt Consolidation

by Legal Author August 5, 2012 Finance

Debt has become an inevitable part of modern life. For most individuals, a significant amount of earned income is dedicated to repayment of loans in an effort to get debt-free as soon as possible. Many people are more than willing to take a hit on their quality of life in order to ensure that all […]

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What Is Life Like After A Trust Deed?

by Legal Author August 3, 2012 Finance

Scottish trust deeds, also known as protected trust deeds, are a form of insolvency used to help people struggling with unmanageable debts. Often seen as an alternative to sequestration, trust deeds usually last for three years and will provide a debt-free future. Like any debt solution, a trust deed does have consequences, some of which […]

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