EEOC: NYC Systematically Discriminates Against Minority Women

by Levine and Blit November 19, 2015 Employment Law

A finding by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in response to a 2013 complaint on behalf of more than 1,000 current and former city workers by Local 1180 of the Communication Workers of America has found that New York City has spent the past decades discriminating against entry-level black and Hispanic female employees.  The […]

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EEOC’s Sexual Orientation Ruling: The Legal Issue

by Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC August 12, 2015 Employment Law

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) recently came to the conclusion that employment discrimination based on sexual orientation is already illegal under federal law. At first, this seems like a huge step forward for the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community in the United States. Unfortunately for them, as of right now, the federal courts do […]

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Trainee chef loses sex discrimination claim against top Welsh restaurant

by Redmans Solicitors May 9, 2014 Employment Law

A teenager employed as a trainee chef at a prestigious Welsh restaurant has failed in her claims at an Employment Tribunal and has been criticized for the nature of her evidence. Ms Chloe Maisey, 19, worked as a trainee pastry chef at The Hardwick in Abergavenny for three months last year until she resigned from […]

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Polish labourer wins Employment Tribunal claim after being told to “go back to your country”

by Redmans Solicitors March 18, 2014 Law

A Polish labourer has won his Employment Tribunal claim against his former employer after he was subjected to racially- and religiously-discriminatory comments and unfairly dismissed. Mr Daniel Brzezinski, of Polish national origin, worked for Alan, Lee, and Dale Edgar (trading as “Edgar Contracts”) from March 2011 until he was dismissed in January 2013. He subsequently […]

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Partially-blind man told he can go ahead with Employment Tribunal claim

by Redmans Solicitors January 9, 2014 Employment Law

A partially-blind man has made a ‘whistleblowing’ claim in the Employment Tribunal after he alleged that he was dismissed last year because he had submitted complaints regarding health and safety in the workplace. Mr Alan Chalk, a former clinical support worker at Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, submitted his Employment Tribunal claim for […]

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Banker could be awarded millions after winning Employment Tribunal claim

by Redmans Solicitors November 20, 2013 Employment Law

A former banker at a giant Russian bank could be awarded millions after she won her Employment Tribunal claims for – among other things – sexual harassment, gender-related harassment and victimization. Ms Svetlana Lokhova worked in the London office of Russian firm Sberbank until she resigned, claiming that she had been subjected to bullying and […]

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Former banking director settles victimization claim at the Employment Tribunal

by Redmans Solicitors October 2, 2013 Employment Law

A sacked banking director has settled her Employment Tribunal case against Commerzbank in a claim reportedly worth millions of pounds. Latifa Bouabdillah, 33, submitted an Employment Tribunal claim against Commerzbank last year after she was fired from her job shortly after joining the bank as head of product engineering. The reason for her dismissal was […]

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Secretary wins Employment Tribunal claim after training to be a lawyer

by Redmans Solicitors September 25, 2013 Employment Law

A former secretary who studied to obtain a law degree has won her battle against her former employer at the Employment Tribunal. Alex Gibson, 36, suffered an accident whilst on holiday in Bolivia in 2008 which severely impaired her ability to move her right arm. Two years later she started working as a secretary at […]

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Personal injury claims and the Employment Tribunal

by Employment Law Advice Solicitors April 4, 2013 Employment Law

We’re going to take a look at the potential for making a claim for personal injury in the Employment Tribunal in this post. This will involve an examination of the following issues: Can I make a personal injury claim in the Employment Tribunal? When can I make a personal injury claim in the Tribunal? What […]

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Compensation in discrimination cases under the Equality Act 2010

by Direct 2 Lawyers April 4, 2013 Employment Law

We’ll take a look in this post at discrimination claims in the Employment Tribunal and the compensation that is normally awarded in such cases. In doing so, we’ll examine the following issues: What is a claim for discrimination? What types of compensation can be awarded in a claim for discrimination? What awards are normally made […]

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Nurse accuses RAF of sex discrimination after male colleague promoted

by Redmans Solicitors March 23, 2013 Employment Law

A high-ranking RAF nurse has accused the Royal Air Force of discrimination after a male colleague was promoted to a position ahead of her. Ms Wendy Williams, 52, is a high-ranking nurse in the RAF with the equivalent rank of a group captain. Sehe commenced employment with the RAF in 1984 and in 2006 acted […]

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Corporate director at Tower Hamlets Council settles discrimination claim for “£100,000”

by Direct 2 Lawyers January 30, 2013 Employment Law

The East London Advertiser reports that a discrimination claim brought against Tower Hamlets council by one of its most senior staff members has been settled for (reportedly) £100,000 after the claim was withdrawn and dismissed. Mr Aman Dalvi, corporate director for development and renewal services at Tower Hamlets council, brought the discrimination claim against his […]

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Former banker makes disability discrimination claim against Credit Suisse

by Employment Law Advice Solicitors January 11, 2013 Employment Law

A recent Bloomberg news article reported that a former trader at Credit Suisse was pursuing claims for personal injury and a claim for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination after he was sacked in 2009. Mr Asid Mohamedali, who apparently earned approximately £2.5 million a year, worked for Credit Suisse in their European credit tracing team […]

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Grievances and time limits in the Employment Tribunal

by Direct 2 Lawyers December 19, 2012 Employment Law

As the recent Employment Appeal Tribunal decision of Croker v Surrey County Council [2012] UKEAT 0358/11/JOJ makes explicitly clear, employees often fall into difficulties when it comes to the calculation of their Employment Tribunal “limitation date” if they have an ongoing grievance with their employer. When the limitation date falls depends, to a great extent, […]

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