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Divorce Stats – Did you know 66% of divorces in England & Wales were on the petition of the wife?

by Kirwans July 20, 2015 Family Law

Kirwans Solicitors have published a new infographic outlining divorce stats over the past few years. Among those mention include:- 66% of divorces in England & Wales were on the petition of the wife? Almost 25% of families in the UK are lone parent families. Click here to view the full divorce stats infographic.

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What to Do If You Fall Victim To Ridiculous Laws

by MrMilesYoung January 3, 2014 Conflict Resolution

There are several really stupid laws that litter the books. However, no matter how asinine you may think those laws are, they are still laws and you can still fall prey to them in the courts. Here are a few of those ludicrous laws and what to do if you find yourself on the wrong […]

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Divorce is Destroying us as a nation!

by Alex Bright June 24, 2013 Divorce

According to the Office for National Statistics, there were over 117,588 divorces in England and Wales in 2011. The effects for the numerous families involved in a divorce can be both emotionally and financially catastrophic. Can you imagine waking up one day to find yourself no longer in the home you built with your loved […]

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Ending a Relationship – How best to go about it

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers June 19, 2013 Law

It is reported that in a recent magazine interview, pop star Katy Perry confirmed rumours which circulated at the time of her separation that ex-husband Russell Brand, dumped her by text message – informing her by SMS that he was going to Divorce her. The age old dilemma of how best to deal with the […]

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Getting Financial Condition in Order before Filing for Divorce

by lawfirm June 6, 2013 Divorce

(Family law in Florida, United States and generally) Divorce may bring to you a blend of both emotional and financial worry. All of a sudden you may find yourself alone with all the burdens. However, these worries can be taken care of with little planning and legal assistance. Once you have come to realize that […]

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A Significant Factor in Custody Determinations

by Marc Rapaport May 30, 2013 Divorce

Parent’s Willingness to Encourage and Facilitate Relationship Between Child and Other Parent is a Significant Factor in Custody Determinations (NY Family Law) In New York, the adjudication of custody disputes often entails a years-long process involving multiple court appearances, appointment of law attorneys to represent the subject children, and temporary orders. In many cases, the […]

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Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Divorce – Celebrity Split | Slater & Gordon

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers May 21, 2013 Law

The divorce between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore continues to draw media attention as they attempt to reach a financial settlement. The New York Daily News has reported that the proceedings have been stalled by Demi’s requests for spousal maintenance and money to renovate her luxury apartment. Ashton Kutcher has been listed as America’s highest […]

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