Suspended Driver’s License: Often A Casualty Of DUI

by Holly R Brady October 31, 2013 Criminal Law

Driving under the influence is a serious crime that can lead to detrimental consequences, but for some reason, around 1.4 million arrests still occur yearly for the act. Luckily, the majority of those convicted for DUI don’t end up arrested for it again, and with ignition interlock devices becoming so popular, this number is sure […]

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My DUI nightmare

by RyanD October 26, 2013 Law

It had been maybe fifteen minutes since my last drink. My friends were getting a little restless at the party and I was deeply regretting volunteering to be the designated driver. My house was only a few miles away, and since everyone parked their cars there I didn’t have to make multiple stops. I had […]

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First Time DUI In Virginia: Prepare For Stricter Penalties

by ValerieC September 3, 2013 Arrest

The Commonwealth of Virginia has tightened its laws by enhancing the penalties for drunk driving and placing new demands on drivers convicted for the first time of DUI. Under legislation that took effect July 1, 2012, first-time DUI offenders must install Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) on all the vehicles that they own and operate. With […]

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How Changing Drunk Driving Laws Could Affect America’s Restaurant Industry

by calvinthescribe July 24, 2013 Company Law

The National Transportation Safety Board recently issued a recommendation that the legal BAC (blood alcohol content), that would legally define someone as “drunk” ought to be lowered from .08, the current level, to .05. Their intent is to combat the 30,000 deaths a year attributed to drunk driving. This doesn’t bode well for the restaurant […]

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What Will You Need to Properly Manage a DUI Situation?

by akilahr July 12, 2013 Accident Claims Law

You have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and now you are facing your future with uncertainty. The first thing to consider is the fact that you cannot change the past. The arrest has happened and the court date has been set. Now, it’s your turn to take control of the situation and […]

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How Can A DUI Can Affect My Child Custody?

by Ladyblogger July 9, 2013 Car Accidents

Dealing with a DUI can be difficult enough from a financial standpoint, but there are also several other important factors that will have an impact on your life. For example, if you are convicted of a DUI, it is possible that you will lose your job. Although this is definitely a serious consequence, there is […]

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Have Thousands of Dollars To Throw Away? Think Before You DUI

by Ladyblogger July 7, 2013 Car Accidents

The financial and legal consequences that a DUI will cause can be astronomical. In fact, many experts estimate that the true cost of a first-time DUI ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. When you consider how much of a negative impact this will have on your life, it is easy to understand why you should never […]

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Should the Feds Lower the Blood-Alcohol Level for DWI Arrest?

by KellyK June 11, 2013 Criminal Law

During the past two decades each state in the United States has reduced the blood alcohol content level for legally impaired driving to .08. This was done in concert with a drive by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to reduce the level from a traditional .14 BAC, which was in place for many years. The capacity […]

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Is .08 A Low Enough Standard For DUI?

by Ladyblogger June 3, 2013 Law

According to current laws, any driver who is pulled over with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or above will be charged with a DUI. However, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a recommendation for the legal limit to be lowered to .05. Changing the BAC is controversial because there are several […]

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Over-Serving and Wrong Way Accidents: Is There a Connection?

by jamicajdb May 23, 2013 Car Accidents

Over-Serving and Wrong Way Accidents: Is There a Connection? There aren’t many people, if any, who would deny that drinking and driving is a serious issue that can lead to serious consequences. There’s no doubt that a driver, if it’s proven that he or she was intoxicated, bears much of the responsibility for any accident […]

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Keeping High Drivers Off the Road in Colorado and Washington

by RyanD May 14, 2013 Law

In the past year, both Colorado and Washington legalized the recreational use of marijuana. News outlets have called this one of the largest victories for individuals who fight for the legalization of marijuana throughout the United States. There still remain conflicts between the state laws and federal laws, and only time will tell how these […]

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When does another drink become too much to drive?

by RyanD May 9, 2013 Accident Claims

Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense in nearly every part of the world. Unfortunately, drinking is one of the most popular social activities among adults across the globe as well. This combination leads to many DUI arrests and accidents that could have been avoided if some simple precautions were […]

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DWI Has Serious Consequences for Professionals in N.J.

by KellyK May 1, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Getting a DWI conviction may create issues in several areas of your life, and it may also provide your employer with a reason to terminate you. In fact, most employers have a clause in their employee handbook that prohibits you from getting a DWI or engaging in a long list of other illegal activities. Unfortunately, it does not […]

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New Car Technology: Will Drunk Driving Become a Thing of the Past?

by Law Guru April 29, 2013 Criminal Law

Some things in this world just don’t make sense, especially when one thing seems to be moving in two, completely opposite directions at the same time. While a civic leader in the small Irish town of Kilgarvan recently suggested legalizing a certain degree of drinking and driving in order to preserve pub culture, others are […]

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DUI, Police Checkpoints and the Problem of Social Media

by gclatworthy April 25, 2013 Road Traffic Law

[U.S Law and General] Social media has become a seemingly unstoppable force over the past decade. From bringing long lost friends back together to starting revolutions in Middle Eastern countries, there’s very little that these sites cannot do. Unfortunately for police and victims of drunk drivers, individuals have also learned to use social media to […]

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Basic Information About Drink Driving in Australia

by Dunya April 23, 2013 Road Traffic

Drink driving is a serious offence that leads to accidents on the road that can seriously injure or even kill a person. The legal consequences of drink driving are intended to reflect the fact that people who drive while under the influence of alcohol put themselves and everyone else on the road around them in […]

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What To Expect After A DUI In Florida

by Ladyblogger April 21, 2013 Car Accidents

Individuals who are arrested for a DUI in Florida can expect to deal with stiff fines, community service, an interlock ignition device and the possibility of jail time. Additionally, they will also face a long list of other financial and personal issues that can make it very difficult to bounce back quickly from the arrest. […]

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Talking to Your Teen about Drunk Driving

by Law Guru April 5, 2013 Criminal Law

The tween and teen years are tough for kids as well as their parents. Growing up is hard work! Many parents assume that their sons and daughters know right from wrong and will never fall victim to peer pressure. While that might be true in some cases, even the most mature adolescents decide to follow […]

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DUI vs. DWI: What’s the Difference?

by Law Guru April 3, 2013 Criminal Law

As if getting slapped with a DUI is not bad enough, navigating the maze of legal stuff related to an impaired driving charge can be quite a nightmare. It is easy to become confused over the various fines and penalties, knowing what rights are applicable and how a DUI case should best be handled. One […]

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Are Juvenile DUI Penalties Really Sealed?

by Law Guru March 21, 2013 Criminal Law

Drunk driving is more than a safety hazard or a bad idea. It’s against the law. Although legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels vary by jurisdiction – meaning that the amount of alcohol considered “over the legal limit” depends on the state in which the DUI was committed —stricter statutes are in place across the […]

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The Revolving Door of DUI’s

by Ladyblogger March 7, 2013 Law

Although the data varies for each state, the likelihood that a person who has received one DUI will go on to commit a second offense is as high as 40 percent. Sadly, there are also many people who will end up receiving a third DUI. In fact, there has been at least one case that […]

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Ignition Interlock Devices Exposed

by Ladyblogger February 24, 2013 Law

It is legal in all 50 U.S. states for a judge to mandate the usage of an interlock ignition device for a preset amount of time for an individual who has been convicted of a DUI. However, some states will only allow this penalty to be used if the driver is a repeat offender. Statistics […]

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Top 5 Causes of False Positives While Using Ignition Interlock

by Vincent Ieda February 12, 2013 Criminal Law

A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction usually leads to several negative repercussions. These consequences can include high fines, community service and even jail time. One penalty that many people are finding it difficult to live with is the installation of an ignition interlock system on their vehicle. Interlock technology is meant to prevent drunk […]

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DUI & Vehicular Manslaughter

by Ladyblogger January 10, 2013 Criminal Law

Driving while you are intoxicated presents several different issues. Not only do you run the risk of being arrested for a DUI, but you could also be the cause of at least one of the approximately 15,000 DUI deaths that happen each year. Each state prosecutes drivers in this situation differently, but the odds are […]

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DUI & Implied Consent Law

by Katie Hewatt December 21, 2012 Criminal Law

(US law) Most people are ecstatic when they become old enough to get their license and drive on their own. It’s really a rite of passage for most people. Unfortunately for some individuals, our parents were all right: driving is a privilege; not a right. This is very important when it comes to driving under […]

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