dui arrest

How Many Laws Can Be Broken in One DUI Arrest?

by annbailey May 9, 2013 Arrest

Most people understand that driving while intoxicated is unlawful. When a motorist encounters a police officer who believes that he or she was driving while intoxicated, the motorist will generally understand that he or she may be arrested. When the officer makes it clear that the motorist is under arrest, the motorist should quietly comply […]

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DUI & Prescription Drugs: What Are My Options?

by Ladyblogger January 31, 2013 Criminal Law

When people hear that someone was arrested for a DUI, they automatically assume that this means that they were driving while they were drunk. Although this might be the most common cause of a DUI arrest, the actual term is driving under the influence, and it is not limited to alcohol. Many people are arrested […]

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Why Halloween’s No Treat If You’re Arrested For DUI

by gclatworthy October 4, 2012 Road Traffic Law

Halloween and ‘trick or treating’ is an American tradition and probably the favorite observance for most children across the country. Adults enjoy Halloween also, even though it is not a certified holiday. All local police departments are also aware of the tradition and as such anyone thinking they can drink and drive on Halloween may […]

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Getting A DUI Arrest Expunged (US Law)

by nsauser June 21, 2012 Criminal Law

The consequences for getting arrested and convicted of a DUI are very severe. The resulting impact on the rest of your life can be damaging. A DUI arrest can pop back up when it comes to things like automobile insurance, getting a job if your potential employer runs a background check, or even trying to […]

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