DUI Lawyer

Why Does Anyone Drive Drunk?

by Jeffrey A Luhrsen November 22, 2013 Car Accidents

The fact that drunk driving is dangerous isn’t news to most of us. Indeed, you’re unlikely to find anyone who condones driving under the influence.  Behind the beliefs is ample supporting research. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, someone is injured every 90 seconds in the US due to a drunk driving incident. Deaths related […]

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How Will a DUI Impact My Life?

by Ladyblogger October 7, 2012 Law

Approximately 1.4 million people are convicted of a DUI on an annual basis. The overall personal impact will vary depending on the state the conviction occurs in, but there are certain legal and personal consequences that will happen to everyone who receives a DUI. Legal Consequences The legal consequences of a DUI will be greatly […]

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Why Halloween’s No Treat If You’re Arrested For DUI

by gclatworthy October 4, 2012 Road Traffic Law

Halloween and ‘trick or treating’ is an American tradition and probably the favorite observance for most children across the country. Adults enjoy Halloween also, even though it is not a certified holiday. All local police departments are also aware of the tradition and as such anyone thinking they can drink and drive on Halloween may […]

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