Estate Planning

Estate Planning Basics for Aging and Infirm Parents

by oberdorferlaw November 22, 2013 Blawg

One of the quickest ways to learn about the importance of having a solid and comprehensive estate plan is having to facilitate the process for elderly parents who encounter unexpected hardships. For adults with parents in their seventies or eighties, emerging health care issues may be the catalyst for decisions about factors not considered by […]

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10 Reasons to make a Will

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 7, 2013 Estate Planning

  We know that many people put off making Will as it feels morbid to them, but making a Will is not about planning for death.  It is about securing peace of mind for many years to come knowing that your affairs are in order.  Some clients renew their Wills annually to ensure that they […]

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Do You Need an Estate Planning Memo?

by ericaronchetti February 12, 2013 Estate Agency

Do you need an Estate Planning Memo? Or, more importantly, do you know what one is? If you’re like many Americans, you’ve likely not yet thought about such a term, and yet every one of us should be planning for our loved ones when we’re gone. Others believe if they have a will or trust, […]

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Why is Important to have Power Of Attorney(POA) ?

by foxhovenlaw01 January 23, 2013 Business Law

(US Law and Generally) A Power of Attorney is a written, legal contract in which an individual, the principal, grants another individual, the agent, the authority to act on the principal’s behalf in regard to private, business or financial decisions. Reliable, statutory, and medical are the profitable assortments of the POA that are available at […]

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