Finances on Separation

Is matrimonial revenge a dish best served cold?

by Linzi Perriman October 9, 2015 Divorce

Wednesday night saw more than eight million of us tuning in to the climactic ending of Mike Barlett’s five-part domestic drama ‘Doctor Foster’. My last blog – Following Doctor’s Order – focused on episode 3 of the gripping drama, for those that missed it, episode 4 saw Gemma’s professional career called into question, police involvement over […]

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Family Law Solicitor offers advice on untangling your finances when divorcing

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers October 31, 2013 Law

According to reports, the lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone and her ex-husband are selling their luxury 12 room former matrimonial home following their Divorce. Mone, owner of the Ultimo brand has apparently spoken of her “heartbreak” at being forced to sell the £1.5m property in Lanarkshire, after her ex-husband refused to allow her to buy him […]

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Family Law Solicitor highlights the increasing number of “Save-cations”

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers October 16, 2013 Law

Recent research has shown that couples heading for separation or Divorce are booking a romantic holiday as a last ditch attempt to save their relationship. Although for some the time away helps to rekindle lost romance, as many discover these ‘save-cations’ are not always enough to save a relationship in trouble. When the plane touches […]

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Finances and Assets on Separation – How best to divide them

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers October 8, 2013 Law

As a family lawyer, I am often approached by a client whom has reached an agreement with their spouse in relation to the division of capital and pensions. However there are a few minor issues which are not agreed. These can range from whom retains the antique furniture, the time share or the family pet. […]

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Great Britain – Divorce Capital of the World – A Tale of Two Divorces

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers July 5, 2013 Law

There have been two interesting cases in the Daily Mail today which give contrasting outcomes for the wives in two contested divorce cases, both of which give an example of Britain’s reputation towards being the “Divorce Capital of the World”: Miss Malaysia and Miss Spain The first article refers to a former Miss Malaysia, wife […]

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Are more people divorcing now because of the recession?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers June 25, 2013 Law

I’ve been asked that numerous times by members of the public recently. Financial worries and the current economic climate certainly put a strain on modern day marriage and financial difficulties are often cited as one of the reasons for a divorce petition based on unreasonable behaviour. To obtain a quick Divorce rather than wait until […]

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Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Divorce – Celebrity Split | Slater & Gordon

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers May 21, 2013 Law

The divorce between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore continues to draw media attention as they attempt to reach a financial settlement. The New York Daily News has reported that the proceedings have been stalled by Demi’s requests for spousal maintenance and money to renovate her luxury apartment. Ashton Kutcher has been listed as America’s highest […]

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Family Law Solicitor Ed Kitchen discusses Divorce outcomes

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers May 10, 2013 Law

Liz Hodgkinson in her article in the Daily Mail yesterday discussed the apparent unfairness towards husbands of financial settlements in Divorce. She cited a number of high profile examples, including the former wives of Bernie Ecclestone and Roman Abramovich and also referred to the recently published “Rich List” which included its own list for women […]

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