Frivolous lawsuits

5 of the Most Ridiculous Lawsuits

by Eloise Hamilton January 17, 2014 General Law

If you like to keep up-to-date on all the current high-profile lawsuits, you know how ridiculous some can be. A criminal burgles a house, gets bit by a dog, sues the homeowners and wins. An underage girl drinks, drives, crashes her car, and sues the bar that sold her alcohol. There are many that you […]

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WSJ Reports – Hourani v. Mirtchev: Court Dismisses Frivolous Lawsuit with Prejudice

by informedlawyer May 29, 2013 Law

A very interesting legal case that was reported in the Wall Street Journal. This highly interesting ruling ends a five year harassment and smear campaign led by the Houranis against a well respected citizen. Interesting ruling for lawyers interested in international law and civil actions. Here a link to the Wall Street Journal Article which […]

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