Future of Law

The Past, Present and Future of Internet Privacy Laws

by mrothman May 23, 2013 Criminal Law

The laws governing the internet have changed dramatically over the years. When the internet first began, people felt free to say as they pleased online without fear of negative repercussions. However, this is no longer the case. What a person says online can easily be traced back to him or her. Furthermore, certain governments and […]

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The Future of BigLaw – Who Will Lead the Way?

by Legal Author May 10, 2013 BigLaw

In his recent book, “Tomorrow’s Lawyers An Introduction to Your Future” Professor Susskind continues his predictions from his previous books, that consumers of legal services are forcing providers to change the way they deliver legal services. Susskind identifies three drivers for change in the legal market; the more for less challenge, liberalisation and technology. In […]

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