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Dispelling the myths about personal injury solicitors

by PaulReflect December 5, 2013 Accident Claims

Despite the fact that they pave the way for many of the people who would not be able to seek compensation for accidents and injuries to do so, there are a number of myths which surround the work that personal injury compensation solicitors do. Not only do these myths harm the solicitors and their reputations […]

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Inducing hypothermia may minimise the effects of head injuries

by JamesBooker February 7, 2013 Personal Injury

Inducing hypothermia may help head injury sufferers The brain is a vital part of the body, responsible for a wide variety of different functions. Therefore, when a person suffers a head injury, the consequences can be absolutely devastating – and literally life-changing. These individuals may lose certain sensations, movements, or be unable to speak. The […]

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