Health and Safety at Work Act

Increased Importance on Asbestos Training Following Law Update

by BritanniaSafety November 12, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Asbestos is a word that we’ve heard frequently in the news this year, and as a whole it has been a rather eventful year for the man-made fibre. The media hype surrounding asbestos started in March of this year (2012) when the Supreme Court ruled that liability no longer rested at the time when symptoms […]

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Health and Safety at Work: UK Overview

by BritanniaSafety October 9, 2012 Employment Law

Health and safety training often receives a certain amount of ‘bad press’ due to the fact that it is often branded as pointless and “purely common sense”. However, in the UK, employers are bound by health and safety laws and regulations placing importance on health and safety training and awareness. Even if it is considered […]

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Working at Height, the Law and IPAF Training

by BritanniaSafety August 13, 2012 Employment Law

The Health and Safety Executive, more commonly abbreviated to HSE, are putting a big focus on working at height this financial year, with statistics showing that this is an area in which there is room for improvement across a range of industries. The HSE has reported that falls from height are still the most common […]

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