Have You Been the Subject of Healthcare Fraud?

by RyanD May 17, 2013 Health Law

Have you been the subject of healthcare fraud? According to the FBI website, healthcare fraud costs the US about $80 billion dollars per year. And some corrupt doctors are willing participate in healthcare fraud schemes for a price. The more expensive healthcare costs become, the higher a price we pay for the service. So eliminating […]

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Inducing hypothermia may minimise the effects of head injuries

by JamesBooker February 7, 2013 Personal Injury

Inducing hypothermia may help head injury sufferers The brain is a vital part of the body, responsible for a wide variety of different functions. Therefore, when a person suffers a head injury, the consequences can be absolutely devastating – and literally life-changing. These individuals may lose certain sensations, movements, or be unable to speak. The […]

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An Overview of the British Healthcare System

by Legal Author January 29, 2013 Health Law

(Guest post regarding the British Healthcare System compared to the US Health System) For many years, health care and how it can be most effectively delivered to the public has been in the media has been under discussion in the media. The British System of healthcare is often cited as one of the models that […]

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