intellectual property law … and the 40 (or more) counterfeit and infringment thieves

by Wright Hassall October 16, 2014 Intellectual Property

The Alibaba Group (Alibaba) is the world’s largest e-commerce company, its revenues for 2013 were more than Amazon and Ebay combined. Alibaba owns a variety of websites which facilitate online sales: manufacturer to retailer wholesale sales. retailer to consumer sales.  consumer to consumer sales. The presence of counterfeit and infringing products on […]

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Before you share your idea with the world

by Wadeson September 17, 2013 Intellectual Property

Naturally, when you have an idea you want to share it with the world, whether that be to run it by potential customers or begin talks with potential suppliers. Unfortunately rights can be lost and others’ rights infringed when an idea is shared, so a little time and good advice before proceeding can save a […]

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When your brand is banned

by Wayne Beynon March 28, 2013 Law

Wayne Beynon, one of a team of Media and IP lawyers at Cardiff and London based law firm, Capital Law, talks trademark infringement. The thorny topic of trademark infringement is a story that regularly rears its ugly head on the news and business pages, with companies both local and international often falling victim to trademark violations, […]

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5 tips for employers on how to protect your intellectual property

by Direct 2 Lawyers March 24, 2013 Employment Law

In this post we’re going to take a look at how employers can seek to protect their commercial interests in the intellectual property that is produced in the course of employment. If a business fails to protect or exploit intellectual property then this can lead to potential losses (including loss of potential profits) in the […]

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