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Ofcom concludes final wave of online copyright infringement research

by Wayne Beynon November 14, 2013 Law

The final wave of the Ofcom Online Copyright Infringement Tracker covering March – May 2013 has been published. The latest report, which has been funded by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and undertaken by Kantar Media, follows on from the previous studies: Wave 1 (May – July 2012), Wave 2 (Aug – Oct 2012) […]

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Intellectual property legal system overhauled for SMEs

by Wayne Beynon March 13, 2013 Business Law

A small claims track has been introduced for SME Intellectual Property cases, explains Wayne Beynon, one of a team of Media & IP lawyers at Cardiff and London based law firm, Capital Law. The close of 2012 saw the launch of the new ‘small claims track’ for intellectual property cases. The new process, introduced by the […]

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Unified Patents and the Unified Patent Court (UPC): Big Changes in European Patent Protection and Enforcement

by VolpeAndKoenig February 21, 2013 IP & Technology

In December 2012, the European Parliament and Member States reached a long-awaited agreement approving a unitary European patent.  The European Parliament approved two European Union (EU) regulations, one creating a European patent with unitary effect (or “unitary patent”) and the other creating a multinational Unified Patent Court (UPC).  Before it can become effective, at least […]

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