Landlord law

Tenancy at Will or Periodic Tenancy?

by Wright Hassall April 30, 2014 Property Law

It is not uncommon for business leases to be contracted out of the protection afforded by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. When such leases come to an end, the tenant has no statutory right to be granted a new tenancy. However, the tenant may stay in occupation and seek to enter into negotiations with […]

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Land Lord Stories

by GuyDunkley June 6, 2013 Law

A landlord lets in a ‘hippie’ type family as he is anxious to have tenants in his empty property and the family say that they are desperate for accommodation. He is not entirely happy about them but feels that letting them in will be better than leaving the property empty. Once in, they proceed to […]

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Landlord and Tenant Law – What is the Landlord Responsible for?

by 4SNet March 7, 2013 Law

Landlords must operate within the Law, and there are hundreds of pieces of Government Legislation and local authority regulation in addition to this which will also need to be adhered to before the property can be rented to tenants. The onus is with the landlord, even if the landlord is using a letting agent – […]

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