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How a degree in law can lead a bright future in any industry

by Legal Author September 30, 2013 Legal Careers

How can a law degree can lead to a bright future in any industry? This post explains the importance of staying positive. Since the financial crisis of 2008 there hasn’t been much good news for graduates. But as the results of a recent survey have revealed, it looks like things are taking a turn for […]

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Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave

by Legal Author December 6, 2012 Legal Careers

Guest post regarding becoming a lawyer and building your own brand. It’s the age-old story: young person goes to law school, young person graduates from law school, young person needs to find a job in the legal field. The problem comes when there isn’t the abundance of legal jobs there once were, and the competition […]

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What it takes to be a great lawyer

by IrwinMitchell October 16, 2012 Legal Careers

So, you want to be a lawyer? Maybe you read a story in the news recently about a young boy who suffered severe brain damage from a car accident and successfully filed a brain injury claim. Or, you heard about a new law being drafted to protect the environment. Every day, there are several inspirational […]

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