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Four Elements of a Clinical Negligence Claim

by Georgina Mills March 28, 2013 Accident Claims Law

If you have become injured or ill as a result of seeing a doctor or visiting the hospital, you may be eligible to make a clinical negligence claim. This is a bit more complicated than just seeing a lawyer and suing that medical organisation. You will need to look at four individual considerations when filing […]

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A Quick Lesson on How a Bill Becomes a Law in the United States

by Legal Author March 21, 2013 Law Blog

Guest post on how a bill becomes law in the United States. The Legislative Branch of the United States’ political system has the duty of establishing laws that govern the country. Laws are first introduced as “bills” that are reviewed and debated in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. In addition to House […]

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Top 10 Ancient Laws Way Ahead Of Their Time

by johne1 February 28, 2013 Law

Law and legal matters are the important things that we have to be well aware of all the time. There are different kinds of laws all over the world regarding different subjects. Among them, let us see some important ancient laws which are standing even today with great importance. 1) Animal rights: Using the animals […]

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How Does Personal Injury Training Benefit Your Clients?

by emmadigirank February 18, 2013 Law firm management

There is plenty of resource material available for solicitors and legal firms detailing how additional personal injury training can benefit the workforce. Factors such as cohesion, teamwork and even employee loyalty are widely recognised as some of the advantages enjoyed by those who invest in legal training of this sort. However, what it does fail […]

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Breach of Trust – AIB v Mark Redler & Co

by Mo Afzal February 13, 2013 Professional Negligence

The Court of Appeal has given further clarification on breach of trust claims brought against solicitors by lenders. In AIB v Mark Redler & Co, the solicitors were negligent in acting for AIB on a remortgage advance of £3.3 million. The solicitors had failed to obtain a redemption figure for the borrowers’ second loan account […]

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5 Famous Lawyers You Haven’t Heard Of

by mariechan February 11, 2013 Law Blog

Famous people with law degrees are a dime a dozen. It turns out that most Presidents of the United States, many other politicians and quite a few unexpected celebrities have suffered the rigors of law school and managed to pass the bar exam, albeit some of them had to try several times! This isn’t an […]

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