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Pursuing A Career In Criminal Justice

by gclatworthy January 14, 2013 Legal Jobs

Pursuing a career in criminal justice is a rewarding pursuit. The types of positions that are available to someone with a master’s degree in criminal justice today are an excellent career choice. There are a few of those that offer a rewarding life with an excellent pay scale for growth in the future. They are […]

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Masters of Criminal Justice Specialization Tracks

by Sarah Rawson September 5, 2012 Criminal Law

When most people consider what a criminal justice degree covers, they often assume police work is involved. Other common assumptions include duties relating to corrections or probation. And it’s true; criminal justice is a common educational path to becoming a police officer, probation worker or in other areas related to corrections. However, criminal justice is […]

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Legal Jobs: The Skills Required to Land Your Dream Position

by bcllegal February 22, 2012 Legal Careers

Choosing to work within the legal field can be one of the most demanding and strenuous career choices out there, however it can also be one of the most rewarding options for those people capable of achieving in such a high profile position. The legal system has become one of the most integral parts of […]

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