How to get a Concealed Handgun License

by Andrew Miller June 7, 2013 Accident Claims Law

When you think of Texas, numerous images may come to mind such as vast landscapes, gun slingers and the slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas”.  Texans have a lot of pride towards their state and want to protect it and themselves, resulting in approximately 500, 000 Texas residents having a concealed handgun license, but in a […]

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3 Ways to Fund a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

by evaholmes247 May 30, 2013 General Law

Medical malpractice can happen to anyone. Doctors are not infallible and often they make mistakes. When a doctor’s accident causes you harm then you have the right to be compensated. This requires that a medical malpractice lawsuit be filed. The problem with any lawsuit is that they take time to complete and cost money to […]

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Watch What You Say: Inadvertent Terrorist Threats and the Era of Social Media

by VincentImhoff May 30, 2013 Law

Vincent Imhoff is a writer and Los Angeles criminal attorney who acts as a managing partner at Imhoff & Associates, P.C. He earned his law degree at Chicago-Kent College and his undergraduate degree at Lewis University. When he isn’t writing for publications such as the LA Daily Journal, Vincent finds time to ski on his […]

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Legal Issues When Living in a Trailer or RV

by RyanD May 10, 2013 Transport

Maybe when you retired you decided to hit the road and explore all the places you never had a chance to. Maybe you’re a home school family who wanted to let your children learn firsthand about the history of the United States. Maybe you’re just the adventurous type or perhaps you simply like the peace […]

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32 Red plc v WHG (International) Ltd – Trademark Infringement Case Comment

by John Hirst May 10, 2013 IP & Technology

The recent case of 32Red plc v WHG (International) Ltd and other companies concerned the infringement of rights protected by European Community trademarks (an EU wide trademark which circumvents the need to register the trademark in every European country where the name company trade). The Community trademark infringed in this case was the protected name […]

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The matrimonial home on divorce – what are my options ?

by John Hirst April 30, 2013 Divorce

The matrimonial home is usually the biggest and most important capital asset that a divorcing couple will own and there are many ways in which matrimonial property is dealt with by the Courts.  Selling the matrimonial home If at all possible, the courts will try to achieve a clean break of the marriage meaning that […]

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Your Crash Course on Immigration and Social Work

by edralyn April 20, 2013 Legal Careers

Your Crash Course on Immigration and Social Work The image of America as a “melting pot” has persisted for decades, and in many cities, seems more prevalent than ever. An article written by George Borjas on the Center for Immigration Studies website notes that as many as one million immigrants come to the United States […]

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Can a Beard Spoil a Promising Legal Career?

by Lilly March 27, 2013 Lawyers

The job of a lawyer is all about trustworthiness, or at least looking trustworthy, so appearance is not a factor to be neglected. A sector where hundreds compete for any well-paying job, making the first impression can be absolutely crucial. So what about the beard? Is it going to hold you back? Should you just […]

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5 Mistakes Landlords Make

by edralyn March 16, 2013 Employment Law

Whether you haven’t been able to unload your house or you’re just looking for a good investment, you may be considering becoming a landlord. While controlling other people’s housing can be a good investment choice for some, it can be disastrous for others. Do things differently by learning from these five common mistakes: 1.Background Checks […]

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Legal Issues of Owning Beachfront Property

by RyanD March 14, 2013 Property

If you are a beach lover, chances are you have dreamed of owning a beachfront property. The idea of waking up in the morning to the sun rising over the ocean or walking out your door and stepping foot on the soft sand is enough to motivate you to work as hard as possible to […]

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Legal Duties of Hotel and Motel Owners

by RyanD March 6, 2013 Business Law

Generally, discussion of the legal duties or obligations of hotels and motels focus on guest treatment and safety and the legal ramifications when failure to fulfill these obligations results in damage or harm to the guest. In the U.S., legal obligations of “innkeepers” evolved from early English common law and court rulings. Only in the […]

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Businesses Face Changes In 2013

by RyanD January 8, 2013 Business Law

Though it may not seem like it in light of recent events, namely the fiscal cliff fiasco, politicians were able to agree on some new business laws that would take effect in 2013.  Many of the changes in the laws are aimed at small businesses, who have felt they are being unfairly regulated by the […]

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Building New Lasting Relationships on Solid Ground

by Legal Author December 17, 2012 Family Law

Guest post about building lasting relationships. There is a point in any successful relationship in which things begin to get a bit more serious, when the ante is mutually raised. It can be a wonderful time in the relationship but it can also present a few little problems that need ironing out. Even moving into […]

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Why Should You Claim Compensation after an Injury?

by evaholmes247 December 5, 2012 Accident Claims Law

There is a notion that claiming compensation after suffering an injury at the hands of another is somehow wrong and it is frowned upon by many people. Yet there are many reasons for claiming and not all are related to money. Here are some of the benefits that can arise from an accident claim. The […]

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Residential Accommodation Fees Explained

by GDeanNorwich September 10, 2012 Estate Planning

There is a large amount of confusion and controversy at the moment around the subject of fees for care homes. As fees for residential care continue to rise, more and more people are concerned that they may have to pay these from their capital, leaving little left for children and others to inherit. There are […]

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Legal Careers: Become a Lawyer and Help Citizens

by melissa May 22, 2012 Legal Careers

The legal career holds a lot of attraction for many of the budding professionals. Those who have a desire to help others, find this a very rewarding career opportunity. For hard-working and deserving lawyers the pay packet is definitely very good. Lawyers are now being consulted from the tiniest to the biggest of issues of […]

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Does a Distance Degree in Law Prove to be Worthwhile?

by melissa March 13, 2012 Legal Careers

AUTHOR BIO – Melissa Spears takes the initiative in providing thought concerning contents related to education and the growth of distance learning or online education. In this article, she determines the credibility of an online law degree. “With great knowledge comes great power” – this age-old saying time and again finds a new meaning with […]

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by Legal Author December 14, 2010 Blawg

New survey shows that Brits embarrassed about making negligence claims in the workplace

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