Making a Will

How to Legally Write a Will

by johngary24 May 30, 2013 Wills

When a person dies and does not have an estate or will, their property is divided by probate or estate laws. That’s why it is important to have a will prepared before you die. Having a will prevents the state from dividing your estate or assets in a way that you wouldn’t agree to. Most […]

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Disputing a Will

by Ridley Hall Solicitors February 21, 2013 Wills

Death within a family is never easy to deal with, and can be a traumatic time for loved ones and extended family. Conflicts over wills can be become complicated and drawn out, causing tension and ill feeling within families fighting over estates and inheritance. With divorce rates on the rise over recent years, modern family […]

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Tips for Writing a Will

by emmadigirank October 16, 2012 Wills

Don’t leave it until the last minute Solicitors recommend people to write a will as soon as possible. Although you may not want to consider your own death in the early stages of your life, without writing a will risks leaving your family’s inheritance and estate in the wrong hands.  Many people are unaware that wills […]

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Excellent Reasons to Make a Will

by Legal Author July 31, 2012 Wills

Most of us work really hard to build our estate and protect it well. We want to enjoy the fruits of our labor at a later stage and give an opportunity for our dependents to do the same. In order to achieve this, it is vital to have a valid will. Listed below are some […]

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