Mistakes and Malpractice: How Bad is It?

by RyanD October 1, 2013 Health Law

Medical errors caused by the negligence of a physician account for approximately 100,000 deaths a year. The rate of negligent care for hospitalized individuals is 1 percent or 1 of every 100 hospitalizations. Insurance costs associated with medical malpractice claims amount to 0.05 percent of health care spending. The myth of the growing rate of […]

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Have You Been the Subject of Healthcare Fraud?

by RyanD May 17, 2013 Health Law

Have you been the subject of healthcare fraud? According to the FBI website, healthcare fraud costs the US about $80 billion dollars per year. And some corrupt doctors are willing participate in healthcare fraud schemes for a price. The more expensive healthcare costs become, the higher a price we pay for the service. So eliminating […]

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Common Malpractice Claims in the U.S.

by RyanD May 2, 2013 Law

Medical malpractice claims arise when patients suffer damages or injuries from mismanaged medical treatment or from a lack of treatment. The patients or their families may blame these problems on the medical personnel that tend to them. They believe, rightly or wrongly, that their medical caregivers have been negligent or have provided a poor quality […]

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