Couples must consider Mediation before Divorcing

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers January 22, 2014 Law

Under new laws separating couples will have to attend a mediation appointment called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting from April following reforms included in the Children and Families Bill. This will apply in all disputes about the children or finances and couples will only be exempt in situations where there is evidence of domestic […]

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Family Law Solicitor discusses Compulsory Mediation

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers January 8, 2014 Law

It has been reported in today’s press that new laws are due to be announced that will mean thousands of couples who Separate each year will have to consider mediation before they apply to court. In reforms included in the Children and Families Bill, a parent seeking a court order to resolve a dispute over […]

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Mediation Services Hit By Legal Aid Cuts

by PaulReflect October 24, 2013 Mediation

Prior to the removal of Legal Aid for a number of areas of law, including family disputes, many solicitors warned that the cuts could have drastic consequences. It now appears that these fears have been realised as latest Ministry of Justice figures show that the number of families attending mediation services has dropped significantly since […]

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Duncan Bannatyne’s acrimonious divorce, could mediation have helped?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers August 9, 2013 Law

The Daily Express reported yesterday that relations could not be worse between Dragon’s Den Duncan Bannatyne and his ex-wife, Joanne McCue. This is especially sad as the couple have two young children. Bannatyne says that communication has been through solicitors since the divorce petition landed on his doorstep. It’s fair to say Bannatyne wouldn’t be […]

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Are more people divorcing now because of the recession?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers June 25, 2013 Law

I’ve been asked that numerous times by members of the public recently. Financial worries and the current economic climate certainly put a strain on modern day marriage and financial difficulties are often cited as one of the reasons for a divorce petition based on unreasonable behaviour. To obtain a quick Divorce rather than wait until […]

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