money laundering

Business owner indicted in Wire Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme

by ParkmanLawFirm August 19, 2013 Criminal Law

Raymond Christopher Reggie, a business owner in Mandeville, is now facing federal fraud allegations for the second time in the last eight years.  In an indictment released last Wednesday, Reggie was accused of five counts of wire fraud and six counts of money laundering in a scheme that allegedly ran from January 2009 until July […]

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Bank heavily fined by FCA for failings in money-laundering controls

by Redmans Solicitors August 13, 2013 Criminal Law

A London-based bank has been heavily fined by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) for failures relating to its anti-money-laundering controls. Guaranty Trust Bank Ltd (“GTB”) was fined over £500,000 by the FCA earlier this month for numerous and systematic failures to put in place procedures to monitor the risk that potential money launderers posed to […]

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Colorado Man Pleads Guilty to Ponzi Scheme

by ParkmanLawFirm July 31, 2013 Criminal Law

Shawon McClung, who began Flint-McClung Capital LLC in Indiana, has pled guilty to running a Ponzi scheme totaling losses of over $1.7 million.  According to court documents, McClung entered into financial discussions in 2008 with a software programmer to create proprietary software to make automated trades on the foreign currency market.  McClung moved FMC from […]

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Arizona Couple Sentenced in Money Laundering Conspiracy

by ParkmanLawFirm July 30, 2013 Criminal Law

The Arizona couple that helped to lead a drug and money laundering conspiracy to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana, received their sentence on Monday, July 29th.  Jose Valenzuela and his wire, Beatriz Valenzuela, were sentenced to 137 months and 125 months in prison, respectively.  The couple will also face five years of supervised […]

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Bank Pays Fine for Failing to Catch Money Laundering

by ParkmanLawFirm January 11, 2013 Criminal Law

In December 2012, HSBC Holdings admitted ignoring evidence its clients were engaged in criminal money laundering, and agreed to pay $1.9 billion in settlement to the United States Department of Justice and other United States law enforcement agencies.  As a result of this settlement, criminal charges will be avoided. White collar criminal attorneys who specialize in money […]

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