Personal Injury Law

Head-On-Collisions in a No-Fault State: What does the Law Say?

by Ladyblogger September 5, 2013 Accident Claims

Automobile collisions are a serious cause of injuries in America, and statistics show that the average driver in the country will file an auto insurance claim once every 19 years. This means that, regardless of how good of a driver an individual is, they’re likely to be involved in some type of accident. When this […]

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How to Recognize Signs of Negligence at a Nursing Home

by Molly P. June 16, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

It is an unfortunate fact that many elderly adults have been abused by caregivers in a variety of settings. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities pose a particular issue, since loved ones are usually not in the vicinity, making seniors more vulnerable to abuse. Therefore, loved ones need to be aware of this problem and […]

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Slip and Fall Cases

by jrodriguez May 27, 2013 Personal Injury

When we think of slip and fall incidents, we often think of overzealous attorneys and misguided consumers starting a legal case that is just as frivolous as the hot coffee incident that hit the news a couple of years ago. However, slip and fall issues are often a lot more serious than we have come […]

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When the Police Go Too Far: Protect your Rights

by KellyK May 8, 2013 Personal Injury

When the topic of police brutality is brought up in conversation, the first thing that comes to mind is a police officer using excessive physical force on a suspect. You imagine the officer physically beating the suspect and that the suspect is unable to fight back. This is a very common perception of this type […]

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Thinking about Making a Claim? Advice from Personal Injury Solicitors Norfolk

by GordonDean April 16, 2013 Accident Claims

The personal Injury Solicitors of Norfolk are here to make sure that if you have an accident or suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault, and could have been avoided through due responsibility from a third party, that you are appropriately compensated. I’m a personal injury solicitor from Norfolk and I believe it is your […]

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How Does Personal Injury Training Benefit Your Clients?

by emmadigirank February 18, 2013 Law firm management

There is plenty of resource material available for solicitors and legal firms detailing how additional personal injury training can benefit the workforce. Factors such as cohesion, teamwork and even employee loyalty are widely recognised as some of the advantages enjoyed by those who invest in legal training of this sort. However, what it does fail […]

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Expansion of Medical Malpractice Suits: Is the Court Giving Patients Too Much Power?

by RyanD January 10, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

The debate over reform of the system under which people file claims and lawsuits for medical malpractice has raged on for decades with doctors and health care facilities, lawyers, insurance companies and patient advocacy groups all joining the fray at one point or another. If a doctor refers a patient to a specialist who commits […]

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Should Motorcycle Helmets Be Mandatory In All States?

by gclatworthy December 6, 2012 Motorbike Accidents

[US Law and General] Motorcycle riding can be a fun and exhilarating hobby and an exciting means of transportation, but it can also be deadly. As a result, many states have enacted helmet laws in an attempt to lessen the amount of highway fatalities involving motorcycle riders that occur each year. While these laws are […]

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OHSAS 18001 Helping to Reduce Occupational Personal Injuries

by QMSInt October 16, 2012 Accident Claims

The personal injury industry is big business in the UK. Following the legalisation of referral fees by the previous Labour government, the market is on the verge of spiralling out of control with a net worth of around £1.8 billion pounds annually for solicitors. Businesses are now taking more conscious steps to crack down on […]

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Interesting Facts about Personal Injury Law

by David Marocchi August 28, 2012 Personal Injury

Personal injury law encompasses a person’s right to file a lawsuit against another party for causing them personal injury. The injury can be an emotional or physical one. While personal injury legal action comprises a significant percentage of civil litigation at the state level, many cases never make it to trial and settle out of […]

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Steps to Take When Injured on a Construction Site

by Katie Hewatt August 8, 2012 Accident Claims

(US law and generally) While the construction industry has undergone a major shift in safety precautions and regulations over the past century, the unfortunate fact is that accidents still happen at construction sites each year. If you currently work in construction, or if you or a loved one have recently suffered from a construction accident, […]

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UK Is the Whiplash Compensation Capital of Europe

by yourcaraccidentclaim July 31, 2012 Accident Claims

UK is the whiplash capital of Europe and the reason for this is that one person out of every 140 people claims for whiplash injury every year. A whiplash injury occurs when the individual’s soft tissue present in the spine gets strained and stretched due to a sudden and forceful movement, like a hit received […]

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The World of Personal Injury Negotiations

by Bisnar Chase July 25, 2012 Personal Injury

In the world of personal injury negotiations, hiring a personal injury attorney is tantamount to announcing to the other party that you are serious about your claim and intend to collect a just settlement.  You will immediately be taken seriously by the other parties involved, making them much more likely to accede to your demands […]

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How to choose an Industrial Disease Lawyer

by AtriumLegal July 21, 2012 Accident Claims

If you have a been injured or your health has been effected at work you are eligible for compensation. This is called industrial disease by people in the legal profession. It can cover injuries and illnesses such as hearing loss, repetitive strain injury, back injury, breathing problems, asbestosis, occupational dermatitis and asthma. How do you […]

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Britain’s Misdiagnosis Mayhem

by precisionclaims July 12, 2012 Law

Sport is one of the major causes of accidents with just under the third of the UK recording an estimated 22 million sporting injuries per year according to Barclays Spaces for Sports. The majority of these injuries are due to our own mistakes including over-exertion, lack of preparation or even general clumsiness. However reports I […]

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Metal-on-metal hip implants to be reviewed in June 2012

by Legal Author May 25, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Below is a personal injury law blog first published on regarding the FDA’s upcoming review of metal-on-metal hip implants. The Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee, which is part of the Food and Drug Administration, will host a public meeting on June 27 and 28, 2012, to discuss the […]

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Johnson & Johnson Challenges British Medical Journal Findings on DePuy Metal Hips

by NadrichCohenLLP May 14, 2012 Personal Injury

Johnson & Johnson is challenging findings from several research studies published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) which question the safety of all-metal hip implants. Johnson & Johnson, along with its subsidiary DePuy Orthopedics, is currently facing thousands of lawsuits in the U.S. and around the world in connection with injuries allegedly caused by its […]

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How Much Compensation for Personal Injury Claims?

by Legal Author April 10, 2012 Personal Injury

Below is a law blog post on personal injury law from My Compensation. Working in the personal claims industry, one of the most common questions that we get asked is: How much compensation will I receive? And rightly so. If you’re going to take time out of our day to start a compensation claim, even […]

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Role of Personal Injury Lawyers

by marysmith78 March 19, 2012 Personal Injury

Getting injured is amongst the most unfortunate incidents which put life in a state of uncertainty. During the mental and monetary struggle you want a qualified person who would handle the injury and work with you to obtain an appropriate claim. The accident lawyers available today manage the legal proceeding and take care of the […]

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British Health Officials Launch Investigation of Metal Hip Implant Safety

by NadrichCohenLLP February 2, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Health regulators in the United Kingdom have launched an investigation into the safety of metal hip implants, including those manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics. The safety review was spurred by warnings from health care advisors who believe the devices could potentially cause metal poisoning. According to The Telegraph, advisors to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory […]

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Motorcycle Riders: What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Laws

by GinaWilliams January 19, 2012 Accident Claims Law

According to the U.S.’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), those who choose motorcycles as their mode of transportation are 25 times more likely to be involved in a fatal traffic accident than people in passenger cars.  Motorcycle riders are more at risk to be involved in a traffic accident and suffer head injuries; head […]

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