prenuptial agreements

Building New Lasting Relationships on Solid Ground

by Legal Author December 17, 2012 Family Law

Guest post about building lasting relationships. There is a point in any successful relationship in which things begin to get a bit more serious, when the ante is mutually raised. It can be a wonderful time in the relationship but it can also present a few little problems that need ironing out. Even moving into […]

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The Pros and Cons of Pre-nups

by Legal Author December 3, 2012 Family Law

A Prenuptial agreement can have an impact on marriage, but is that impact more likely to be positive or negative? (Guest post regarding pros and cons of prenuptial agreements.) Pros The most common reason that couples end up fighting is money. Getting your finances straight and discussing them before you’re married will make things easier […]

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How A Pre-nup Works

by RyanD November 22, 2012 Divorce

(Prenups under US law and general info) A prenup agreement, also more formally known as a prenuptial agreement is a legal document that is signed by both parties in a marriage before the wedding. It is designed to forestall fights and lengthy court battles should the couple break up, and though the requirements and limitations […]

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