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How To Deal With Property Damage After After A Natural Disaster

by Ladyblogger March 10, 2013 Law

Within the past few decades, we’ve all seen our share of natural disasters in the news. Fortunately, the majority of Americans have been able to avoid many recent disasters, but for those who live through them, the aftermath can be detrimental. Insurance companies are meant to cover many types of property damage after these events, […]

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Hurricane Sandy Destroyed My House: What You Need To Do Next

by nadines November 7, 2012 Insurance

Hurricane Sandy Destroyed My House: What You Need To Do Next Hurricane Sandy has killed dozens of people and caused billions of dollars in damage, making it one of the deadliest and costly hurricanes in history. For the residents caught in its path, the damage can be horrific. Damaged automobiles, structures, and misplaced property can […]

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Still Dealing With Mcallen Hail Damage? 5 Reasons To Contact an Attorney

by Ladyblogger August 18, 2012 Law

Back in April of 2012, the residents of McAllen, Texas found out just how unforgiving Mother Nature can be. The town suffered over two-hundred million dollars in damages during a hail storm that dropped baseball sized pieces of ice throughout the town. Fortunately, most insurance companies cover this type of damage. Many people within McAllen […]

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