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Your Legal Rights as a Tenant

by Paul November 14, 2012 Property

The constant increases in property prices throughout the UK have meant that home rental is enjoying a boost in its popularity, as those who are young or who receive lower incomes cannot afford to get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder. This puts private landlords in a very powerful position, able […]

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Land Drainage Responsibilities and the 1991 Act

by MorfootLandDrainage September 20, 2012 Property

1994 saw an amendment to the legislation made in 1991 surrounding land drainage, but what does the law say about land drainage, and how are you responsible for it? Land drainage is commonly something applied to the agricultural industry, but it is a little known fact that there are laws relating to land drainage on […]

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Understanding Rent and Eviction Control In San Francisco, CA.

by TobenerLaw August 30, 2012 Property

Residential units in San Francisco built before June 13, 1979 have protects against evictions and annual rent increases. This applies to buildings with two or more units, and often excludes condominiums and single family homes. If a building has an in law unit that was built prior to 1979 it is considered a second unit […]

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