restrictive covenant

The economic tort of inducing breach of contract

by Redmans Solicitors September 14, 2015 Employment Law

Economic torts under the law of England and Wales refer to the group of causes of actions that protect people from unlawful interference with their trade or business. There are five main sub-types of economic tort (although there are others): knowing inducement of breach of contract; causing loss by unlawful means; conspiracy; dishonest assistance in breach […]

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Blanket restrictive covenants and compromise agreements

by London Compromise Agreement Solicitors April 8, 2013 Employment Law

If you’ve been offered a compromise agreement by your employer then you may wish to take a good, thorough look at it – compromise agreements sometimes contain restrictive covenants, the purpose of which is to restrain your ability to work as you would wish after you leave your employment. This is particularly serious in cases […]

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