sexual harassment

Tinder settles sexual harassment claim against co-founder of app firm

by Redmans Solicitors September 23, 2014 Employment Law

A company which owns the rights to a popular online dating “app” has settled a claim after one of the female co-founders alleged that she had been sexually harassed by her former boyfriend and colleague at the firm. Whitney Wolfe, 24, made her claim for sexual harassment against IAC, the company that owns the rights to […]

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Ex-Managing Director loses Employment Tribunal claim after being sacked over expenses

by Redmans Solicitors August 26, 2013 Employment Law

The former managing director of a multinational company spent huge amounts of company money on unjustified expenses, an Employment Tribunal has heard. The former employee – who is unnamed, as is the company, for legal reasons – brought an unfair dismissal claim involving victimisation and sexual harassment after he was fired from the company last […]

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Sexual Harassment or Malpractice – An Important Distinction in Gynecology Cases?

by Savannah July 8, 2013 Health Law

People develop a special rapport with their doctors. They trust their physicians to keep intimate details about their health a secret; they also trust their doctors to view their unclothed bodies objectively and in a professional manner. When a doctor crosses the line and fails to treat a patient in a respectful and professional manner, […]

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Seeking Legal Counsel for Sexual Harassment

by RyanD June 14, 2013 Employment Law

Sexual harassment is a serious offense. When it occurs in the workplace it can disrupt concentration, productivity, and the ability to make a living, to say nothing of the damage to the victim’s personal well-being. For this reason, it is important to understand what sexual harassment entails and what do to if you have been […]

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BBC confirms that “gagging clauses” will be removed from compromise agreements

by London Compromise Agreement Solicitors May 7, 2013 Compromise Agreements

A BBC report released last week has criticized parts of the culture of the BBC and compelled the organisation to reform the manner in which it deals with complaints of – among other things – bullying and sexual harassment. The 80-page report, compiled by barrister Dinah Rose, and set up in the wake of the […]

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Some Facts About Sexual Harassment

by John Barrett November 29, 2012 Employment Law

We all know that sexual harassment occurs in a variety of ways. Some may not be as apparent as others, but it is still sexual harassment in the end. Every individual that comes across it interprets it differently; some blow it off and think it’s not a big deal, others are affected by it. Every […]

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