Social Media and The Law

Has Social Media Made The Litigation World A Smaller Place?

by Vannin Capital April 1, 2014 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Instant global communication and easy access to vast sources of potential evidence: such are the two main tools that social media offers to the world of litigation. Thus, simultaneously social media has both shrunk and enlarged the litigation world. Taking Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the largest social media platforms, the statistics speak for themselves. […]

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Are “Googling” Jurors Juggling Justice?

by Adam McCabe LL. B (Hons) Dip. LP November 14, 2013 Law

The writer is a trainee solicitor with a commercial law firm in Scotland but that this article is not affiliated with the firm in any way, does not constitute legal advice and any opinions expressed or errors made are his alone. Are “Googling” Jurors Juggling Justice? Adam McCabe LL. B (Hons) Dip. LP The recent […]

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