Is too much cash locked up in the WIP in your business ?

by ihunnings July 10, 2014 Law firm management

Is too much cash locked up in the WIP in your business ? OK, so you’re running a business. There are so many things to focus on : marketing, sales, making the product or service, getting in your resources to make/deliver it, billing, for some service firms such as lawyers and accountants building up the […]

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I spot a trend!

by LawFirmNetwork April 30, 2013 Law

Over the past few years, Professional Probate Applications have steadily declined from 210,448 applications in 2004 to 158,192 application in 2010. In contrast, personal applications have been on the increase, from 83,570 to 88,443 over the same period. Why is that? This market sector is currently a battleground.  Many opportunities exist, however, legal service suppliers […]

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Claiming compensation for industrial noise-related hearing loss

by JamesBooker February 7, 2013 Personal Injury

Making a personal injury claim for hearing loss Many people believe that hearing loss is an unavoidable aspect of getting older, but this is not always true. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), hundreds of people every year are diagnosed with noise-induced deafness after having worked in loud environments. Without suitable protection from […]

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Computer Crimes and How to Prevent Them

by kudoswd December 20, 2012 Criminal Law

Computers are one of the most important technologies in today’s world and because of this there has been a huge increase in computer crimes. Most computer crimes these days are committed over the internet and this is a whole subsection named ‘netcrime’ and this article will teach you how to protect yourself from any potential […]

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Why make a Will?

by Mason December 4, 2012 General Law

As people grow ever-older in today’s society, planning for the future seems like something you can afford to wait to do. However, some activities – such as making a Will – are always better off being done earlier in life for a handful of reasons. The first, and by far the most important, is that […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Personal Injury Lawsuits

by Peter Smith November 30, 2012 Accident Claims Law

A personal injury lawsuit is something that we would all obviously like to avoid, but these do happen. Although incidents in which people get injured with it not being their fault is pretty much unavoidable, there are a some things we can do to lower this risk dramatically. If you think you may be at […]

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FSA to Crackdown on the Mis-selling of UCIS

by Farleys Solicitors August 30, 2012 Law

In the latest scandal to hit the banking and finance industry in the UK, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) have announced that they are to crackdown on UCIS – Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes. According to the FSA, recent investigations have uncovered ‘high levels’ of unsuitable advice being given on such investments. Due to its unorthodox […]

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Mountaineering Accidents

by Legal Author December 13, 2010 Law

Mountaineering is a sport enjoyed by many people due to the challenge it provides, the stunning scenery and nature. However, it is a dangerous sport and the chance of sustaining a personal injury on a climb is high. Recent news reports have stated that many mountaineers are not prepared for the risks of personal injury […]

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Bicycle Accidents

by Legal Author November 5, 2010 Law

Bicycle accidents are very common and can be caused by dangerous conduct of both cyclists as well as drivers. For car drivers, it is important to consider several facts in relation to cyclists in order to avoid car accidents. First of all, dangerous turning should be avoided- when taking an impatient turn, the driver may […]

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Car Accidents in Scotland involving Deer

by Legal Author October 26, 2010 Law

Car accidents caused by deer present a major problem in Europe and in the UK.  There are over one million deer in the UK and every year there are approximately 3000 deer collision car accidents, injuring 20 people and causing more than £10 million in damages. If you live in rural parts of Scotland, it […]

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