The Court of Protection – Open to the public?

by EdwardHandsandLewis October 24, 2013 Blawg

The new president of the Family Division courts has echoed previous plans to make the Court of Protection open to the public. The plans have been talked about for some time now, and it was reported yesterday that the new president Sir James Munby agreed with the plans. The Court of Protection makes important decisions […]

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A new breed of Solicitor – the self defender

by Michael Wright August 9, 2013 Law

What do you call a dozen Lawyers at the bottom of the Atlantic, a good start! Can you really imagine a world without Lawyers? Ah, Utopia I hear you sing. Is that really the way the Scottish Legal system is heading. If Messrs McQueen (CEO, Scottish Court Service) MacAskill (SNP, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice, […]

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Dealing with Probate – What you need to know

by EdwardHandsandLewis July 11, 2013 Blawg

By Emma Fuller We understand that some people are nervous of approaching Solicitors if they need help with Probate as there are concerns of the costs.  However, not everyone charges in the same way. We have several pricing options, which helps families to get the help they need, but gives them the flexibility to choose […]

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Solicitors in Norwich warn residents over door-to-door solicitors

by GordonDean July 11, 2013 Law

It has recently been brought to attention that there has been a great rise in door-to-door solicitors in the UK. This is worrying as there have been multiple cases of individuals paying a significantly larger amount than what they should be paying as fraudsters and unregulated salesmen take advantage of the innocent. Norwich Solicitors Gordon […]

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Solicitors and Barristers: what is the difference?

by GuyDunkley May 30, 2013 Law

Solicitors and barristers have traditionally held very different positions and have been easily to distinguish from one another. In the 21st century this line has blurred and increasingly both barristers and solicitors have been performing several similar services. Solicitors are fully qualified lawyers who have undertaken post-graduate education and a two-year on-the-job training period. Although […]

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The future of employer`s liability claims

by John Hirst May 23, 2013 Personal Injury

At the heart of the regulatory framework for employer’s liability claims is section 47 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 which establishes a presumption that civil liability arises for breach of any health and safety regulations made under the Act unless expressly excluded in the regulations. This is all set to change later this […]

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Mortgage Approval Rise

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 15, 2013 Blawg

By Kulzinder Garcha The Guardian has recently reported that mortgage approvals for house prices has risen in March after falling through winter. Bank of England have disclosed that activity is picking up for house mortgages and remortgages. Bank of England stated that 53,504 mortgage loans were approved during March whereas in February it was at […]

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32 Red plc v WHG (International) Ltd – Trademark Infringement Case Comment

by John Hirst May 10, 2013 IP & Technology

The recent case of 32Red plc v WHG (International) Ltd and other companies concerned the infringement of rights protected by European Community trademarks (an EU wide trademark which circumvents the need to register the trademark in every European country where the name company trade). The Community trademark infringed in this case was the protected name […]

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Well I declare! Why use a Declaration of Trust.

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 9, 2013 Banking and Finance Law

A Declaration of Trust is an arrangement setting out who shall have the ownership of an asset and be able to benefit from it.  This is important if your assets include land or business interests. A declaration of trust is a binding statement by the legal owner of an asset declaring that he holds the […]

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The basics of Pre-nuptial Agreements in England & Wales

by John Hirst May 9, 2013 Family Law

What is a Pre-nuptial Agreement? A Pre-nuptial Agreement or Pre-marital Agreement is effectively a written contract between two people who intend to marry, which sets out and regulates how the parties` finances and assets should be distributed upon divorce. These types of agreements are becoming more and more popular in England & Wales as they […]

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The Jackson reforms in a nutshell

by John Hirst May 2, 2013 Accident Claims

April 2013 was a month to forget for many lawyers due to arguably the most radical changes to the Civil Procedure Rules since 1998. In January 2010 Lord Justice Jackson published his “Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Final Report” which contained a number of recommendations to reform civil litigation both generally and in relation to […]

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The matrimonial home on divorce – what are my options ?

by John Hirst April 30, 2013 Divorce

The matrimonial home is usually the biggest and most important capital asset that a divorcing couple will own and there are many ways in which matrimonial property is dealt with by the Courts.  Selling the matrimonial home If at all possible, the courts will try to achieve a clean break of the marriage meaning that […]

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One fifth of personal injury firms in north-west of England considering closure!

by EdwardHandsandLewis April 25, 2013 Law

  According to a survey conducted by Liverpool firm O’Connor’s, a fifth of personal injury firms in the north-west of England are considering closure. An estimated 100,000 jobs could be lost over the coming year as a result. It is the smaller firms that will be most affected as larger firms have more resources available […]

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A review of the new legal service providers targeting consumers in the UK

by Legal Author March 14, 2013 Law

(Guest post from a legal blogger in the UK regarding the new legal service providers targeting consumers in the UK). Since the introduction of the Legal Services Act in 2011 a plethora of new consumer facing legal businesses have emerged in the UK market. Many of these new entrants didn’t need the Act to commence […]

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Disputing a Will

by Ridley Hall Solicitors February 21, 2013 Wills

Death within a family is never easy to deal with, and can be a traumatic time for loved ones and extended family. Conflicts over wills can be become complicated and drawn out, causing tension and ill feeling within families fighting over estates and inheritance. With divorce rates on the rise over recent years, modern family […]

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Over the Top Compensation Claims Mock Claiming Process

by Grieves Solicitors November 27, 2012 Personal Injury

It’s always disappointing when the actions of a few individuals have a wider negative impact and a recent news article on personal injury compensation claims which will no doubt lead to more bad press around the sector. A Daily Mail story detailed a few cases where people put forward really frivolous compensation claims and were […]

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Solicitors need to take online reputation management seriously | Free tips

by Legal Author October 8, 2012 Law firm management

Guest post regarding online reputation management for solicitors. Negative mentions about a business or its products on the internet could hit a company in the balance sheet, and once a company has a poor online reputation, it could spread like a virus. Companies need to take ownership of their online reputation to avoid potential disaster. […]

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FSA to Crackdown on the Mis-selling of UCIS

by Farleys Solicitors August 30, 2012 Law

In the latest scandal to hit the banking and finance industry in the UK, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) have announced that they are to crackdown on UCIS – Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes. According to the FSA, recent investigations have uncovered ‘high levels’ of unsuitable advice being given on such investments. Due to its unorthodox […]

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Lack of regulation causing cosmetic surgery negligence

by Natasha Swan August 30, 2012 Clinical medical negligence

Lack of regulation within the cosmetic surgery industry is a growing concern for the Clinical Negligence Department at Alsters Kelley Solicitors, as they are receiving more claims than ever from patients whose surgery has been performed negligently. Questions have been raised about regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry, following the recent issues with PIP breast […]

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Solicitors Advice: Power of Attorney – an Explanation

by GDeanNorwich July 31, 2012 Power of Attorney

(Based on the laws of England & Wales and general legal information on Powers of Attorney). It is a common phrase, but when asked a good percentage of the population will most likely not be able to really give you the ins and outs of exactly what a ‘Power of Attorney’ is and just what […]

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Legal services reform continues

by Thompsons Solicitors June 8, 2012 Law

The Scottish Government has introduced new regulations aimed at modernising the way in which legal firms are run in Scotland. The move follows similar changes that have already taken place in England and Wales. At the moment only solicitors can own law firms in Scotland, and only solicitors can form partnerships with other solicitors. This, […]

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Your Guide To The UK’s Change To Asbestos Claims

by GDeanNorwich May 1, 2012 Claims Solicitors

On 28th March 2012 the Supreme Court announced a ruling that would mean that thousands of people across the UK could make insurance claims where a member of their family has died after being exposed to asbestos in the workplace. Before this ruling, there was a great deal of confusion on claims around this subject. […]

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Personal Injury Claims Advice – Vehicle Passengers

by GDeanNorwich March 22, 2012 Accident Claims

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and suffered an injury as a result, it is not only the driver of the car that can claim, but the passenger as well. This not only include transport such as cars, vans, and motorcycles, but also public transport such as trains and buses too. In any […]

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Criminal Defence Solicitors in Cheshire & Greater Manchester

by mortons March 4, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

If you need a criminal defence solicitor because you have been or will be arrested by the police, or charged  with an offence in North West of England including Greater Manchester & Cheshire then there are various firms who you can instruct. In Manchester Burton Copeland solicitors provide representation for anyone who is the subject of a criminal […]

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Medical Negligence ‘to Blame for Rising Rate of Stillbirths in UK’

by Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors January 27, 2012 Claims Solicitors

Medical negligence is one of the main reasons behind the high rate of stillbirths and deaths within a few weeks of life, a new report has suggested. According to the Guardian, a study carried out by charity Sands found that in 2010, 4,110 children were stillborn, while 1,850 died within the first couple of days […]

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