stryker hip recall

Implant Complications: Who is Liable?

by Holly R Brady November 16, 2013 Personal Injury

Medical implant technology has improved the lives of many individuals who were in clear medical need of the device and had no other options. However, some implants are cosmetic and purely requested by the patient. The term “customer” may be a better description in the cosmetic cases. Individuals with distinct medical problems who agree to […]

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The Fallout From Hip Replacement Recalls

by gclatworthy January 12, 2013 Compensation Lawyers

[US law and general] In the past year, the failure of various hip replacement components has become one of the most major medical and legal concerns for orthopedic professionals and lawyers alike. For example, metal on metal implants are known to corrode and cause toxins to be released into the body, causing a great deal […]

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