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Tax Amnesty Across the Globe

by GuestBlogger June 27, 2013 Tax Law

Introduction As an old saying goes, there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Although no one enjoys paying taxes, the right of governments to collect taxes is the basis of society, and all citizens of a nation are forced to pay taxes to support the public benefits that all enjoy. However, many individuals […]

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Google, Amazon and Starbucks – how they avoid paying tax

by MFielding June 5, 2013 Law

If may not be illegal, but some find that fact that huge international companies are avoiding paying millions of pounds in tax immoral to say the least. But with little that can be done to force these firms to pay their ‘fair share’, it would seem the procedure known as tax avoidance is set to […]

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Understanding Taxes for Non-Profit Organizations

by Todd S. Unger March 26, 2013 Tax Law

(Guest US tax blog) The view that non-profit organizations (NPs) are not subject to taxation is rather simplistic and somewhat erroneous. NPs exist to provide benefit to the community in such areas as education, science and charity for the underprivileged. Such organizations can make a profit from their activities; however, whether or not these profits […]

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2007: George Osborne Promised A £1 Million Inheritance Tax Band, What Happened Next?

by GuestBlogger February 26, 2013 Inheritance Tax

At the Conservative party conference in 2007 the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, stood up and promised that anyone fortunate enough to have an estate valued at up to £1 million would not have to pay Inheritance Tax; this week any hopes that he would deliver on this promise were dashed. How does […]

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How Are Tax Lawyers Different From Other Legal Professionals

by lawfirm February 24, 2013 Tax Law

 A lot of people seem to believe that tax lawyers are, in many ways, similar to any other legal professional. However, apart from their specialization in tax laws, these attorneys are different from the other legal professionals in more ways than one. Though lawyers and taxes are some of the most unpopular topics for anyone, […]

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What Makes a Good Tax Lawyer?

by Legal Author January 25, 2013 Tax Law

Guest post from a US legal blogger regarding the top qualities in every good tax lawyer. There is no denying that the field of tax law is very technical and complex.  While the general field of law is about handling legal issues of all different sorts, tax law is one of those niches that is […]

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How to Protect Yourself from the Risk of a Tax Investigation

by Legal Author January 14, 2013 Tax Law

Guest post regarding protecting yourself from the risk of a tax investigation (mainly US law) Protecting yourself completely against an IRS audit is virtually impossible. A tax investigation is something that can happen to any business or person, no matter how many times you’ve prepared your taxes correctly. Even so, the risk of an audit […]

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