Former banking director settles victimization claim at the Employment Tribunal

by Redmans Solicitors October 2, 2013 Employment Law

A sacked banking director has settled her Employment Tribunal case against Commerzbank in a claim reportedly worth millions of pounds. Latifa Bouabdillah, 33, submitted an Employment Tribunal claim against Commerzbank last year after she was fired from her job shortly after joining the bank as head of product engineering. The reason for her dismissal was […]

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Ex-Managing Director loses Employment Tribunal claim after being sacked over expenses

by Redmans Solicitors August 26, 2013 Employment Law

The former managing director of a multinational company spent huge amounts of company money on unjustified expenses, an Employment Tribunal has heard. The former employee – who is unnamed, as is the company, for legal reasons – brought an unfair dismissal claim involving victimisation and sexual harassment after he was fired from the company last […]

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Banker succeeds in her claim for victimization in the Employment Tribunal

by Employment Law Advice Solicitors April 18, 2013 Employment Law

A banker formerly employed by Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank has succeeded in her Employment Tribunal claim against the latter bank. Ms Bouabdillah left Deutsche Bank in early 2011 after a legal dispute over perceived sex discrimination at Deutsche Bank. She alleged that her male colleagues had been paid bonuses up to three times as much […]

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