whistle blower retaliation

The Risks and Rewards of Reporting Green Energy Fraud

by ValerieC September 25, 2013 Fraud

Green marketing is a new tactic to take advantage of a rising wave of environmental concern and awareness. Unfortunately, some purportedly green companies do not share the same concern for their customers. Whether in an energy company gaining statewide rate increases by claiming green energy generation methods that are not being employed, or in a […]

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After You Blow the Whistle – What Rights to Privacy do You Have?

by Ladyblogger January 21, 2013 Law Blog

Society expects companies to comply with all applicable laws. If a company is engaging in conduct that is harmful to society, society has an interest in ensuring that honest citizens bring the offending conduct to the attention of authorities. At the same time, whistleblowers do not wish to be harassed or otherwise have their privacy […]

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Legal Protections for At-Will Workers

by nikitadawson November 8, 2012 Employment Law

In the United States, most workers are employed on an “at-will” basis. What this means is that the working relationship between this employee and their employer is one of mutual agreement, and should either party to the relationship choose to end it, for any reason, they may do so. From this vantage point, then, an […]

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