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After You Blow the Whistle – What Rights to Privacy do You Have?

by Ladyblogger January 21, 2013 Law Blog

Society expects companies to comply with all applicable laws. If a company is engaging in conduct that is harmful to society, society has an interest in ensuring that honest citizens bring the offending conduct to the attention of authorities. At the same time, whistleblowers do not wish to be harassed or otherwise have their privacy […]

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What Whistleblowing Is – And What It Is Not

by gclatworthy September 18, 2012 Corporate Actions

(US law) The public outcry associated with the collapse of the Enron Corporation established a social and financial focus on how malfeasance within a corporation can affect all of those connected to the company. The United States Congress was paying close attention and the result was the The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989. The legislation […]

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