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Panama Papers – New Legislation will be a Taxing Task for Legislators

by Emma Flood Curated Media April 13, 2016 Tax evasion

In light of the Panama papers scandal, David Cameron has announced that parliament will fast-track legislation making it a criminal offence for companies to fail to prevent staff assisting in tax evasion, but how will this work? This post looks at the similar provisions in the Bribery Act 2010 to assess the likely success of […]

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Family Investment Company – A Good Idea

by Mitchells Roberton Solicitors October 15, 2015 Tax Law

Perhaps something that may have slipped by most people in the Chancellor’s Summer Budget was the commitment to reduce Corporation Tax firstly from 20% to 19% by 2017 and then to 18% by 2020. The United Kingdom already enjoys one of the lowest Corporation Tax rates in the developed world comparing favourably with the United […]

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Stamp Duty Mitigation: The Facts

by laurenknowles October 15, 2014 Tax Law

The house price growth that has recently taken place has resulted in more home buyers having to contend with stamp duty payments. Between 2012 and 2013, £4.9bn was paid in stamp duty and the amount is set to continue growing. It has been predicted that by 2018, at least 75 per cent of buyers will […]

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The Home Office Deduction Explained

by Bert Seither February 6, 2014 Business

By Bert Seither, small business consultant It has become increasingly common for self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners to be working from a home office. With more people using the Internet to conduct business and technological innovations like Skype and FaceTime for face-to-face communication purposes, more people continue to discover the benefits and financial savings […]

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2014 IRS Tax Law Changes To Know About

by Bert Seither January 14, 2014 Banking and Finance Law

By Bert Seither, Director of Operations at Corporate Tax Network About the author: Bert Seither is the Director of Operations at Corporate Tax Network, a national accounting and business development firm. For nearly 10 years, Seither has assisted small business owners to help put their companies on a path to prosperity. A new year is […]

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Common Overlooked Tax Issues in the UK

by Carpenter Box November 22, 2013 Tax evasion

We can all make errors when it comes to working out our taxes. Here are some common overlooked tax issues: 1. Not checking your tax code Your tax code is important, and tells your employer or pension company how much money you are entitled to be paid tax free – tax will be deducted from […]

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IRS Options Available To Help US Taxpayers with Offshore Interests

by Vic Abajian October 25, 2013 Tax Law

The IRS understands that its intense focus concerning offshore enforcement efforts along with related disclosure programs has gotten the attention of many U.S. citizens in regard to filing their taxes and information reporting duties. Due to these concerns the IRS created several documents to help explain the requirements in detail. The two documents are the […]

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IRS says legally married same-sex couples can now file taxes jointly

by Bert Seither October 14, 2013 Finance

By Bert Seither, Director of Operations at Corporate Tax Network About the author: Bert Seither is the Director of Operations at Corporate Tax Network, a national accounting and business development firm. For nearly 10 years, Seither has assisted small business owners to help put their companies on a path to prosperity. The Internal Revenue Service […]

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Biggest Business Tax Scandals

by Lilly September 3, 2013 Tax evasion

Everyone loves a good tax scandal. Tax scandals are present all around the world. Most businesses try to avoid as many taxes as they possibly can (because all businesses in the United States are taxed at 40 percent, as of 2012), because they want to increase profits. However, when large companies get caught engaging in […]

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When IRS Tax Problems Seem Insurmountable: Is Relief Possible?

by Ladyblogger July 28, 2013 Finance

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can seem like a giant monster with uncontrollable issues for a person who may have experienced any kind of tax issues. The simple truth is that a tax problem does not go away. You cannot owe the IRS money and think that they will forget or forgive. In fact, the […]

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What to Do if You Are Pursued by the IRS

by RyanD July 25, 2013 Tax Law

Almost every other day, there is news about a celebrity or executive accused by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of tax evasion. This governmental agency requires that individuals and businesses pay taxes on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Many people and organizations, however, are not able to meet this stringent rule. This becomes problematic when the IRS […]

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Dealing with Probate – What you need to know

by EdwardHandsandLewis July 11, 2013 Blawg

By Emma Fuller We understand that some people are nervous of approaching Solicitors if they need help with Probate as there are concerns of the costs.  However, not everyone charges in the same way. We have several pricing options, which helps families to get the help they need, but gives them the flexibility to choose […]

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Corporate Tax Avoidance – New Infographic

by Real Business Rescue June 28, 2013 Tax Law

The following is a new Infographic created by the team at Real Business Rescue, centred around the recent topical news about corporate tax avoidance featuring various multinationals such as Vodafone, Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, Boots, Microsoft, Ebay and Facebook are implementing to name but a few, together with some of the methods used to […]

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Tax Amnesty Across the Globe

by GuestBlogger June 27, 2013 Tax Law

Introduction As an old saying goes, there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Although no one enjoys paying taxes, the right of governments to collect taxes is the basis of society, and all citizens of a nation are forced to pay taxes to support the public benefits that all enjoy. However, many individuals […]

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The Top Ten Most Oppressive Tax Nations

by June 21, 2013 Tax Law

The sluggish financial climate has made headlines across the world in these last few years and we have heard many stories regarding private individuals and corporations that have sought to protect their money by moving it abroad to nations that are considered attractive tax havens. While the number of such countries may be shrinking, it […]

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The Importance of Representation in a Tax Audit

by Steven Klitzner June 19, 2013 Tax Law

(US tax law and practical information) Tax filing time in early spring seems to be about the point in the year that people are the most cognizant about the risks of a tax filing audit. However, these examinations actually happen a bit later in the summer and fall, as IRS auditors pour over the millions […]

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The basic principles of agreeing a settlement of tax enquiries

by EdwardHandsandLewis June 11, 2013 Blawg

  In 2007, HMRC published the litigation and settlement strategy (LSS), which was revised in July 2011 following some key cases.   The LSS sets out the principles and standards which HMRC should apply when settling disputes with taxpayers. The general principles include:   Each dispute should be settled on its own merit. There should […]

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Google, Amazon and Starbucks – how they avoid paying tax

by MFielding June 5, 2013 Law

If may not be illegal, but some find that fact that huge international companies are avoiding paying millions of pounds in tax immoral to say the least. But with little that can be done to force these firms to pay their ‘fair share’, it would seem the procedure known as tax avoidance is set to […]

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Claims under the Inheritance Act

by EdwardHandsandLewis April 30, 2013 Blawg

It is widely thought that in England we are free to leave our property by Will to whomsoever we choose.  However, should you fail to adequately provide for those who relied on you, then some of those people may be able to claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, if they […]

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Understanding Taxes for Non-Profit Organizations

by Todd S. Unger March 26, 2013 Tax Law

(Guest US tax blog) The view that non-profit organizations (NPs) are not subject to taxation is rather simplistic and somewhat erroneous. NPs exist to provide benefit to the community in such areas as education, science and charity for the underprivileged. Such organizations can make a profit from their activities; however, whether or not these profits […]

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How Are Tax Lawyers Different From Other Legal Professionals

by lawfirm February 24, 2013 Tax Law

 A lot of people seem to believe that tax lawyers are, in many ways, similar to any other legal professional. However, apart from their specialization in tax laws, these attorneys are different from the other legal professionals in more ways than one. Though lawyers and taxes are some of the most unpopular topics for anyone, […]

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PM puts tax evasion on G8 agenda

by Legal Author February 13, 2013 Tax Law

Guest post from London solicitors. For specialist criminal defence legal advice contact Lewis Nedas Law’s tax defence lawyers – visit their website here: Tackling tax evasion is one of the three big items on the UK’s agenda as it takes on the Presidency of the G8. In a speech to the World Economic Forum […]

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What Makes a Good Tax Lawyer?

by Legal Author January 25, 2013 Tax Law

Guest post from a US legal blogger regarding the top qualities in every good tax lawyer. There is no denying that the field of tax law is very technical and complex.  While the general field of law is about handling legal issues of all different sorts, tax law is one of those niches that is […]

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How to Protect Yourself from the Risk of a Tax Investigation

by Legal Author January 14, 2013 Tax Law

Guest post regarding protecting yourself from the risk of a tax investigation (mainly US law) Protecting yourself completely against an IRS audit is virtually impossible. A tax investigation is something that can happen to any business or person, no matter how many times you’ve prepared your taxes correctly. Even so, the risk of an audit […]

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Hiring a Tax Attorney: the Hows and Whys

by Hailey Andersen January 6, 2013 Tax Planning

A tax attorney is someone with specialized knowledge of tax laws who works with individuals to find solutions to a multitude of problems that may arise. Some of the most common reasons that a person may need to contact a tax lawyer is when he or she needs to file an estate tax return, needs […]

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