Key Differences in Motorcycle Laws by State

by RyanD August 11, 2013 Transport

Most bikers are fond of taking road trips. Many claim the only way to see the country is to explore its highways and byways on a motorcycle. But bikers need to remember that the laws pertaining to motorcycle operation vary from state to state. Helmet Laws

 New Hampshire, Illinois, and Iowa have no motorcycle helmet […]

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Legal Issues When Living in a Trailer or RV

by RyanD May 10, 2013 Transport

Maybe when you retired you decided to hit the road and explore all the places you never had a chance to. Maybe you’re a home school family who wanted to let your children learn firsthand about the history of the United States. Maybe you’re just the adventurous type or perhaps you simply like the peace […]

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What Are The Most Common Traffic Offenses?

by Damian April 2, 2013 Road Traffic

(Australian law and generally) Cars are a necessary part of our lives, and we can safely say that a huge majority of the population in all developed countries drives a car. Unfortunately driving tests don’t seem to be a reliable way to instill competence in a lot of new drivers, and even older, more experienced […]

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Specialist Legal Advice for all Motoring Offences

by pattersonlaw March 10, 2013 Car Accidents

Motoring Offences The law and the rules of the UK highways and the areas where the public fall short on and the laws people don’t even know that they are breaking and putting their licences and jobs on the line for. To learn to drive in the UK you must first have a provisional licence […]

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New Legislation Sees CPC Training Go Into Overdrive

by BritanniaSafety November 27, 2012 Employment Law

On 10th September 2008 CPC was introduced by European Legislation for D Class licence holders – those working in the coach and bus industry and on 10th September 2009 for those holding C Class licences which covers LGV drivers. The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, or Driver CPC for short is a new qualification and […]

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What Are The Different Types of Drink Driving Offences in the UK?

by Paul November 19, 2012 Car Accidents

Almost everybody knows someone who has been arrested for drink driving. In a society where drinking is a widely accepted social practice and pubs and clubs are open 24 hours a day, it is all too easy to make a mistake and end up in front of the magistrates. If you want to know how […]

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5 Reasons to Guest Blawg

by Legal Author September 13, 2011 Accident Claims

A key component of blogging, guest blogging is, as the term suggests, where a blogger writes as a guest on another blogger’s blog. While this may be obvious, it may not be apparent to some why guest blogging can be useful. Here are 5 reasons why you may wish to increase your own or your […]

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